5 Features Younger Home Buyers Want

Dated: August 29 2019

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Millennials are making their way to the real estate market in droves. Here's what many of them will be looking for to meet their housing requirements.

  1. Affordable Price. Millennials are budget conscious. Many are facing mountains of student debt and have seen what a recession can do to an economy. However, they are optimistic about the future and a good portion of them have experienced wage increases or built successful businesses on their own. Now they are confident they can afford to buy a home.

  2. Space. Many young people are move-up buyers. Some are going from apartments or condos to houses where they can experience the American Dream. Some couples are adding kids to the picture. Others just want more space for entertaining.

  3. Safety. Secure, stable neighborhoods within the boundaries of good school systems are on the radar for Millennials. They may be known for waiting until later in life to have kids, but later in life is coming quickly. Suburbs are going to be a hot spot.

  4. Houses they can flip. Millennials may be looking for homes, but for a lot of them, it won't be a forever home. Young buyers are more open to making an investment in a home by staying for a few years, making some improvements and then moving on.

  5. Quality. Budge-friendly fixes and fixtures are acceptable, but cheap and unreliable. Millennials are willing to invest in things that will last longer and hold up to some wear and tear. They also value aesthetics and design, and will be looking for interiors and exteriors that will be in style for years to come.

If you're a young person currently in the market for a home or if you've already bought one, comment about what most draws you to a home. What matters most to you or what do you tend to immediately notice when first walking through a home?

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