Are Home Buyers Smart To Follow The Trends

Dated: September 9 2019

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Architects and designers love to convince people that the latest trends are the most desirable features for every household. However, a design's popularity doesn't necessarily mean that every buyer should want it. According to®, here are a few examples of trends that might make you think again:

  1. Open Floor Plans:Image title
    While open floor plans can feel bright and airy, they're not without some drawbacks. Sound carries in spacious rooms, which can be frustrating for households with young children or adults who work from home. And while it's convenient to see your living room from your kitchen, remember that open floor plans generally require large rugs, tall pieces of art and strategically placed furniture in order to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. 

  2. Hardwood Flooring:Image title
    Today's home buyers almost always prefer beautiful hardwoods to carpet or tile. However, without the proper finish, scratches and stains can become a serious issue. In some households, kitchens, bathrooms and other high-traffic areas may be better off with a more durable flooring choice.

  3. Upstairs Laundry Room:Image title
    A laundry room near your bedroom may seem like the ultimate convenience, but don't forget to consider the noise. If you're concerned the washer and dryer will keep you or the kids awake, doing a little extra legwork to get to a first-floor or basement laundry room may be worth it.

  4. Designer Sinks:Image title
    Bowl sinks are elegant, but they take up valuable counter space. Pedestal sinks look sleek, but they leave you no room to store toiletries or cleaning supplies! Consider reserving these features for a hall or guest bath rather than the bathrooms you use every day.

  5. In-Ground Pool:Image title
    A pool in your backyard may be on your wish list, but keep in mind that pools require a lot of maintenance. Make sure you have the time, resources and motivation to take care of an in-ground pool before you take the plunge.

I personally can't see the appeal of all white cabinetry. Maybe it's because this is so drastically different from the style I grew up with, but dark colors always seem to bring out more character in a home. Plus, that shinny, clean white will be a challenge to maintain over the years, especially in a home with little ones running around! Don't get me wrong, the modern look and style of the white kitchens are attractive and help catch buyer's eyes, but to me, the darker cabinetry and furniture just feel more inviting - like a home rather than a floor model.

Do you think there are any over-rated trends out there that a lot of people seem to be jumping on board with?

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