Make The Final Walkthrough A Priority

Dated: October 15 2019

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Some buyers are so busy coordinating the details of their move that they opt to skip the final walk-through. Here are some reasons why you want to prioritize this in your countdown to moving day.

Your real estate agent will schedule the walk-through. Keep in mind that the house may be empty or could still be occupied by the sellers. You'll want to bring your inspection report, a notebook and camera (or smartphone) in order to document any concerns.

Be sure any agreed-upon repairs have been completed and that the sellers have provided warranties and receipts for all of the work. Ensure all items that were included in the sale are present.

Ask about house keys and garage door openers. Check that all locks on windows and doors work properly, test the HVAC, ensure all built-in appliances are working, and inspect the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room for any signs of leaky plumbing.

The last thing you want to be faced with when the moving trucks arrive at your new home, is to find that the home's condition was not left to your satisfaction, and the fact that it would be exceedingly difficult to obtain reparations from the Seller once Escrow has closed. If you have any questions about the final walk-through, always consult your real estate agent for professional advice.

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